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Founder of Food Intolerance Australia, Jennifer May is a leading Sydney Nutritionist

Jennifer is clinical Nutritionist, health speaker and author

Jennifer's recent book Ultimate Bloat Buster: Your 7 day guide to good gut health hit the Amazon best sellers list for hot and new healthy living books in the first 2 weeks and has quickly gained popularity as a go-to guide for a healthy gut. 

Over the past 12 years, Jennifer has worked with thousands of patients at her Sydney clinic helping them to recover from bloating, IBS and food intolerance.

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We partner with the best labs to ensure the highest quality testing.

Your test results will include a personalised treatment guide for your 3-step process to full recovery

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Severe Digestive Pain

I had been suffering with severe gut and digestive issues for months. After multiple tests and a lot of money spent with various doctors and specialists I didn't feel any better and I felt so frustrated and upset trying to find answers.


I took up the 220 foods high sensitivity test and found that I was reacting to many foods. I immediately made the changes and also ordered the prescribed supplements. I experienced my first pain free days within my first week and felt so relieved to know that there was a real reason for my symptoms.

The available follow up support with the Nutritionists was invaluable to me personally. I was lucky enough to work with Jennifer who not only provided Nutrition advice but also supported me emotionally when times got difficult and helped remind me that I was on the path to recovery. I'd highly recommend this service to anyone who is having gut and digestive issues.

Lauren Smart, Sydney

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