Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Getting started couldn't be easier, simply choose your preferred test and pay online. The next steps are outlined below:

  1. On completion of your purchase you'll receive a link to download your service guide, this will walk you through what to expect from your chosen test and how to prepare to ensure best results. We'll also send you an email requesting the information we need to prepare your test referral such as your full name, date of birth location etc.
  2. On receipt of this information, we'll then put together a referral to have your blood drawn at your local collection centre (see further information about this below). This is done by our technical team during business hours - please allow 1 business day.
  3. You then attend your local collection centre to have your blood drawn (see further info on this process and locations below).
  4. On receipt of your blood sample, your test results will typically be available within 5 business days.
  5. When your results are ready, we will get in touch with your PDF copy, plus arrange your included consultation with one of our Nutritionists.

Where is my local collection centre?

We have collection centres Australia wide. Please select the appropriate centre from the list below and click the link. This will take you through to a webpage where you can insert your postcode and find your local centre. Please note: You are able to choose any of the centres which are most convenient to you - despite the tests that they advertise which they do or do not offer.

  • NSW & ACT- Laverty Pathology Click here to view collection centres
  • QLD & NSW - QML Pathology: Click here to view collection centres
  • NSW & VIC - Dorevitch Pathology: Click here to view collection centres
  • South Australia- Abbot Pathology: Click here to view collection centres
  • WA & NT - Western Diagnostics Pathology: Click here to view collection centres
  • Tasmania - Tasmanian Medical Laboratories: Click here to view collection centres

Are you open evenings and weekends?

Our customer service hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday but many of the collection centres we work with are open evenings and weekends.

I'm in Sydney, can I visit your office?

If you are in Sydney, you have the option of taking your included consultation in-house at our Sydney office. However, you must still visit one of our collection centres to have your blood drawn. For maximum convenience and accuracy of results we use medical pathology staff for collection of samples. Our Nutritionists and administrative staff are not able to take blood for our high sensitivity tests. If you'd prefer to pay in-house and pick up your referral, simply email to arrange a time and we'll have everything ready for you and direct you to your nearest collection centre to have your blood drawn. Alternatively, you could choose to visit our Sydney office for the 50 foods test which is done onsite via finger prick- click here for details.

I've been gluten free for a while, will this test still be accurate?

We wrote a couple of articles about this - please click here and here for further information.

I'm trying to lose weight, can this test help me?

Food intolerances have a big impact on weight loss success, largely due to the affect on nutrient absorption. Click here to view our director presenting a practitioner education webinar on the link between food intolerance and weight loss. A short summary of some of the ways this impacts weight loss includes:

  • Increased hunger due to reduced absorption from each meal. This increases caloric intake overall which reduces weight loss success.
  • Metabolism is largely controlled by thyroid function. Specific nutrients are required for the production of thyroid hormones. In food intolerance patients these nutrients are often poorly absorbed leading to reduced metabolic function and energy.
  • Inflammation and nutrient deficiencies in food intolerance patients typically leads to fatigue. The result of this is reduced exercise and increased cravings for unhealthy foods.
Finding your unique diet can assist in improved absorption of nutrients, which leads to better energy and overall health. This results in an improved ability to stick to a healthier diet and lifestyle regime which can improve results. The improved nutrient absorption also positively affects thyroid function and hormonal balance which can result in further improvements in weight loss success.

Can I claim a health fund rebate?

Health fund rebates may apply for the consultation portion of our testing packages. We provide a receipt with the following information for your health fund claim:

  • Service type: Nutrition Initial Consultation
  • Service fee: $200
  • Service code: N001
  • Note: There are no standard codes for Nutrition services. Therefore your claim will be judged based on the description (Nutrition Initial Consultation) and amount ($200).
Health fund rebates are available with most funds including NIB, AHM, Medibank Private, CBHS, GU Health etc. You must be covered for Nutrition services (not just dietetics) included in your chosen extras package. Please note: As far as we are aware, the following health funds do not cover Nutrition services BUPA, HBA, Doctors Health.

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