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  • Can I claim a health fund rebate?
    Health fund rebates are available for the consultation component of our services with most funds including HCF, NIB, AHM, Medibank private, CBHS, GU Health etc. You must be covered for Nutrition (not just dietetics) in your chosen extras package. Please note: Health fund rebates are not available with BUPA or HBA at this time. If your fund is not listed or you are unsure if you are covered for Nutrition services, we urge you to contact your fund directly and ask what your rebate is for a Nutrition consultation (not dietetic).
  • Explain my options for test collection
    There are two options for collecting your sample. The first is to collect your own sample via finger prick. This is a simple and convenient option and requires only a few drops of blood. The 96 foods test requires 5 large drops, the 144 test requires 6 large drops, the 220 foods test requires 8-10 large drops.* * The 1cm circle on the collection card must be completely filled with each large drop of blood. If you can fill more circles, please do so for insurance. An alternative is to pay a small additional fee to receive an alternative test kit type allowing you to attend a collection centre for a professional pathology collector to collect on your behalf. Please note, this requires a venipuncture (standard blood test type from the vein in the inner elbow). Collection centres Australia wide vary depending on the state. Please see below for available options. Please note, you must select the correct option to receive the correct testing kit. Take your test kit with you to your test collection. Your sample cannot be collected without the appropriate test kit. NSW - DHM (or Laverty on request) Click here to view DHM collection centres Click here to view Laverty collection centres Northern NSW & QLD - QML Pathology Click here to view QML collection centres VIC - Melbourne Pathology Click here to view collection centres South Australia - Clinpath Click here to view collection centres WA - Clinipath Click here to view NT - Western Diagnostics Click here to view collection centres Tasmania - Hobart pathology / Launceston pathology Click here to view Hobart Pathology collection centres Click here to view Launceston Pathology collection centres
  • What is the process?
    Our process is very simple: Buy your selected test online and choose your preferred collection method. Receive emails with all required information and how to prepare for the test. Receive a test kit containing everything you need to collect and return your sample. Your test results will typically be emailed to you in 10-15 business days along with your personalised guidebook and interpretation from Jennifer. This walks you through your results, answers some FAQs and explains the 3 step recovery process. Once your results are ready we'll contact you to book your consultation (if you opted to include one) to discuss: The test results in the context of your case. Any questions you may have. How to modify your diet for best results. Any supplements which will assist your recovery. Your optimum treatment plan and any recommended follow up. Note: If you did not opt to include a consultation at point of sale but now feel you'd like some more support from us, don't worry. You'll receive a link with your results which allows you to easily schedule consultations online any time.
  • Are you open on weekends?
    Our office is closed on weekends, however, many of our collection centres are open evenings and weekends. No appointment is required, simply show up with your prepaid test referral. Please click the link below to view the available collection centres and their open hours. NSW & ACT - Laverty Pathology Click here to view Laverty collection centres NSW & QLD - QML Pathology Click here to view QML collection centres NSW & VIC - Dorevitch Click here to view Dorevitch collection centres South Australia - Abbott Pathology Click here to view Abbott Pathology collection centres WA & NT - Western Diagnostics Click here to view Western Diagnostics collection centres Tasmania - Tasmania Medical Laboratories Click here to view Tasmania Medical Laboratoriescollection centres
  • Do I need a Medicare card?
    There is no Medicare rebate for this service and all costs for your test (including the blood draw) are included in the test fee. Therefore, you do not require a Medicare card. Please review the question above for further information on claiming a health fund rebate.
  • I've had a test elsewhere. Can you help me with this?
    We'd love to help you. Please head to our "Additional Services" page and book a consultation. Our Nutritionists will help you with: Report interpretation in the context of your case. Dietary modifications for best results. Supplemental advice. Treatment advice for reducing sensitivity.
  • I'd like to lose weight, can a food intolerance test help me with this?"
    Food intolerance may contribute to unexplained weight gain by increasing inflammation and reducing nutrient absorption. Nutritional deficiencies are a common cause of weight gain by reducing thyroid function and general energy. If food intolerance is the cause of your weight gain then your test will help you to personalise your diet for best results. Your Nutrition consultation will discuss the results in the context of your case and goals and will assist with further guidelines such as dietary changes, supplemental advice and your recommended treatment plan.
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