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About Food Intolerance Australia

At Food Intolerance Australia we believe that your dietary needs are as unique as you are. We know that great improvements can be made to your health and well-being when you personalise your diet to suit your unique needs.


An estimated 17% of Australians have diagnosed food sensitivity and many more are suffering ill health due to misdiagnosis, mismanagement or simply being unaware. There are also many sufferers who have avoided problem foods for many years and are still not in full recovery, and others who continue to consume known problem foods as they are overwhelmed and under-supported.

In her Sydney CBD clinic, our founder Nutritionist Jennifer May has treated thousands of patients over the past decade - assisting them to accurately assess and treat food sensitivity and intolerance in order to return to a full and varied diet. 

Here at Food Intolerance Australia, we offer a full service support system to aid full recovery. While many centres recommend nothing more than avoidance of foods in order to treat symptoms - we aim to resolve the cause or underlying issue. With our high sensitivity food intolerance testing, along with our personalised support information and clinical guidance from registered Nutritionists, you can be sure that you are in the safest hands and well supported for a full recovery.


Our Unique Approach

  • Blood samples taken by qualified medical specialists for maximum accuracy.

  • Collection centres Australia-wide for maximum convenience.

  • Quickest results reporting times in Australia.

  • A range of food intolerance testing services to suit every budget and diet. 

  • Food intolerance test results followed by a personalised guide from our expert Nutritionists, including dietary tips, a food focus plan, and a prescription advising recommended Natural Medicines for assisted recovery. 

  • We have expertly trained, clinical Nutritionists on staff for those who are in need of additional support. Additional services include Nutrition Consultations, Diet Diary Analysis, Supplemental Advice, Dietary Coaching, and our patented 12 Week Food Intolerance Recovery Program.

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