High Sensitivity Testing

Comprehensive Nutritional Support

At Food Intolerance Australia We Believe In Personalised Nutrition For a Healthy, Happy Life

Our Convenient range of high sensitivity food intolerance tests, along with our unique healing protocols and range of available support services allows for a fully supported recovery with minimal disruption to your lifestyle. 
Food Intolerance Australia was founded by leading Sydney Nutritionist Jennifer May.
Jennifer is the director of Sydney City Nutritionist, a respected mentor of Australian Nutritionists & author of Pure Health & Happiness.
Jennifer has worked with thousands of Sydney patients over the past decade with a strong focus on recovery from food intolerance & chronic illness.
Jennifer and her expert team now brings food intolerance testing & support Australia-wide, helping you to achieve a healthier, happier life through personalised Nutrition.


Where others focus on simply avoiding your problem foods to reduce symptoms, we provide a 3 step recovery system, created by our founder, Nutritionist Jennifer May. 


Our team of expert Nutritionists are registered health professionals trained by Jennifer in her recovery process.


Your test results will be accompanied with a recommended treatment guide from one of our Nutritionists which will walk you through our 3 step process to full recovery:

Step 1

Through our high sensitivity food intolerance tests we help you to determine foods which need to be removed or reduced.

Step 2

Our exclusive support programs will walk you through the step by step process to a full recovery.

Completing this process allows you to progress to step 3.

Step 3

Our nutrition consultations help you to rebuild your diet. Reintroducing many previously problematic foods safely and effectively. 

Food Intolerance Testing

We have 3 available food intolerance test options - something to suit every need, goal, availability and budget. Click here to view available options.

Nutritional Guidance

Would you like support with managing your new diet? Or have you had a test elsewhere already? We have a range of options available to help you with your recovery. Click here to view.

What Others Are Saying

Health Transformation

“Seeing Jennifer has completely transformed my gut heath.


I'd lived for so long with uncomfortable symptoms that I thought were 'normal' but the food intolerance testing changed that and I realised I could in fact feel healthy and energised! And, now, I do!


I highly recommend Jennifer at Food Intolerance Australia and I'm thoroughly grateful for her continued advice and support."


Laura, Sydney