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This is a food intolerance bood test assessing your blood reaction to 96 individual foods. Receive a test kit in the mail - with the option to collect your own sample via finger prick or to attend your local collection centre for a standard blood draw.



  • Blood antibody test assessing your body's response to 96 separate foods.
  • Includes candida antibody screening.
  • Highest sensitivity testing available in Australia, includes testing for wheat intolerance and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity.
  • Food groups tested in greater depth - rather than simply "dairy" you will be assessed for cow's milk, goats milk, casein, whey etc. This allows for better personalisation of your diet with fewer unnecessary restrictions.
  • Results emailed to you within 10-15 business days from receiving your sample.
  • Option to include consultation with a Clinical Nutritionist to discuss your results & provide personalised advice on how to make your new diet work for you.
  • If including a Nutrition Consultation with your purchase, health fund rebates may apply for the consultation portion of the service. Please review our FAQ for further information.
  • Click here to view foods tested

  • Click here to compare all test panels

96 Foods High Sensitivity Blood Test

  • Refunds available for up to 14 days from purchase if no blood sample has been received.  Administrative fee of $50 applies if a test kit has already been mailed to you. 

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