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We support patients Australia-wide via telehealth consultations. Choose to have your appointment with your chosen practitioner via phone or video link (as preferred). To get started, click here and select your preferred day and time.*


*Please note that availability may be listed in AEST (NSW time).


What to expect:

  • A discussion of your health history, family history, goals, limitations and current lifestyle requirements.
  • A detailed overview and appraisal of your current dietary intake.
  • An overview of your medications, supplements and herbal medicines.
  • An overview of any food intolerance or other recent test results (if applicable) and how to incorporate these new guidelines for maximum benefit with minimal effort.
  • After your consultation you will receive a summary report of what was discussed, key focus points for moving forward, a treatment protocol and dietary guideline. 
  • This package also includes your first follow up session typically taken 2 weeks later. During this session you'll discuss progress, any questions you may have, workshop any difficulties and modify your plan where necessary. 
  • Option to include a 7 day meal plan ($50 additional). 

Private Nutrition Consultation Package

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