The Food Intolerance Recovery Program is a step by step program and digestive repair manual to help you recovery and rebuild from food intolerance and return to a full and happy life. 


We know that it can be difficult to know where to begin and there are so many restrictive, extreme and conflicting ideas for gut repair. In this program, Nutritionist Jennifer May will guide you through the food and lifestyle plan that will help you return to full health. 


You will learn:

  • How to balance your diet for optimum digestive function
  • How to repair the damaged digestive lining that leads to, and worsens, food reactions.
  • How to use food as your medicine, incorporating simple medicinal foods daily, without feeling restricted or overwhelmed.
  • The simple lifestyle modifications which can help you to regain better tolerance of your problem foods. 
  • How to balance your immune system, for improved health and reduced food reactions.
  • How to maintain the results of your initial elimination for life - without the need for lifelong elimination of foods.
  • How, and when, to safely reintroduce problem foods and determine your new level of tolerance.


Note: This is not a restrictive 12 week diet plan. This program does not require hours of food prep. This program has been designed to do anywhere anytime. We have had patients complete this program who have large families, while working 12 hour days and even while on holiday. 


This program will teach you what to focus on in a step by step process that is proven to work. Consultations with our Nutritionists can be added for an additional fee throughout the program for those who need additional support. 

Food Intolerance Recovery Program