If you have concerns that you may be coeliac, have a family history of coeliac's disease or are experiencing negative reactions to gluten, it is wise to have a Coeliac Test prior to going gluten free.


This test is the standard medical assessment of Coeliac's disease and will show a positive result in about 98% of coeliac patients who are still consuming gluten. 


Important notes:

  • This test is free with a referral from your GP if you have Medicare. For those who can't visit a GP or don't have Medicare, this test is for you.
  • Please note that a positive result is not diagnostic for Coeliac's disease but does indicate a need to undertake the steps for formal diagnosis. A formal diagnosis of Coeliac's disease is a small bowel biopsy through endoscopy via a gastroenterologist.
  • For more information about Coeliac's disease see our article here.

This coeliac serology test includes:

  • Transglutaminase IgA
  • Deamidated Gliadin Antibodies
  • IgA

Coeliac Test


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