The high sensitivity 60 foods intolerance test assesses your blood reaction to 60 individual foods. As with all of our tests, this is high sensitivity testing with collection from a medical professional at your local pathology centre for the highest accuracy and convenience.


  • Highest sensitivity testing available in Australia, includes testing for non-coeliac gluten sensitivity

  • Lab collection for optimum accuracy and convenient assessment throughout Australia

  • Food groups tested in greater depth - rather than simply "dairy" you will be assessed for cow's and goats milk etc. Eggs are tested as white, or yolk. This can allow for better personalisation of your diet with fewer unnecessary restrictions. 

  • Results emailed to you within 10 business days from receiving your sample.

  • Option to include consultation with one of our Clinical Nutritionists to discuss your results & recommended action plan.

  • If adding a consultation, health fund rebates may apply for the consultation portion of the service (receipted to value of $200).

  • Click here to view foods tested in the standard panel.

  • Click here to view foods tested in the vegetarian panel.

60 Foods High Sensitivity Blood Test

  • Refunds available for up to 14 days from purchase if no blood sample has been taken. Refunds are not available after attending a center for your blood draw. Administrative fee of $25 applies for refund processing.