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This is a Food Intolerance Blood Test assessing your blood reaction to 144 individual foods. Choose to collect your own sample via finger prick or attend a local collection centre.



  • Blood Antibody Test assessing your body's response to 144 separate foods.
  • Includes Candida Antibody Screening. 
  • Highest Sensitivity Testing available in Australia; includes testing for wheat intolerance and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity
  • Food groups tested in greater depth. Rather than simply ‘dairy’, you will be assessed for cow's milk, goats milk, casein, whey etc. This allows for personalisation of your diet with fewer unnecessary restrictions. 
  • Results emailed to you within 10-15 business days from receiving your sample.
  • Option to include a Nutrition Consultation with a Clinical Nutritionist to discuss your results and provide personalised guidance on how to make your new diet work for you 
  • If including a Consultation, Health Fund Rebates may apply for the consultation portion of the service.  

144 Foods High Sensitivity Test

  • Testing Info

    • Test Kits: Are typically posted within 1 business day.* 
    • Method: You’ll receive full instructions and a return prepaid envelope. If you have difficulty with your collection, you can request a new (or alternative type) test kit at no additional fee.
    • Results: On receipt of your blood sample, your results will typically be ready in 10-15 business days.

    *In order to receive your test kit, you must confirm whether you'd like to collect your own sample or attend a collection centre. Once we've received confirmation, the appropriate test kit will be despatched.

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